Record Skype Calls With CallBurner

callburner.jpgCallBurner is a new standalone Skype recording add-on from the Australian team behind Skylook.

CallBurner uses the technology behind Skylook to deliver the same functionality as Skylook without the need to have Microsoft Outlook installed. The CallBurner client delivers professional recording in a simple interface, recording Skype calls direct to MP3 or to the WAV format for higher quality recordings.

CallBurner isn’t the first software of this type available. What impressed me with CallBurner was how it worked: it worked exactly as advertised where as some packages I’ve tried previously were difficult and/ or temperamental.

This isn’t free software; users get a 14 day free trial then there’s a charge of $49.95 (Windows only), but for heavy Skype users or people conducting business or interviews over Skype that have a need to record calls it’s a price worth paying.