TerraTec Electronic Noxon 2: An iPod Dock+Radio With Built-in Wi-Fi


It’s been a while since I’ve written about any sort of iPod speaker, but TerraTec Electronic’s Noxon 2’s attempt to be all things to all people is worth a mention. This little guy has a built-in iPod dock (duh!), Wi-Fi and FM radio. It’s also got USB ports so you can connect external hard drives and the like. The Wi-Fi is used to connect to Internet radio streams, though if you’re poor and can’t afford Wi-Fi there’s a wired connection, too.

Now, hold onto your socks because the price of this bad boy may just cause use to lose ’em. I kid you not: $465. That’s nearly $500 for a speaker with a built-in dock and Wi-Fi. So I guess if you just won a government defense contract and need a new iPod dock this would be a fine choice. Otherwise, some of us have bills to pay.

Product Page [TerrTec Electronic via Macworld UK]