Decline in Mobile Sales in Taiwan Expected

taiwan.jpgTechnology pundits typically look East to see the latest trends, so could we see sales of mobile phones decline in the months to come? While probably unlikely to hit the U.S., sales of mobile phones are actually expected to decline this in Taiwan. The Taipei Times is reporting that mobile sales may falls slight as local service providers reduce efforts to boost new 2G subscriptions due to lower tariffs imposed by the regular. To offset this decline, service operators may instead focus on pushing 3G and 3.5G services.

Operators of 3G will not be affected by the newly imposed price scheme, and already enjoy about 30 percent higher average revenue per user than 2G services. So the news isn’t quite as alarming as it first sounds, but a government-funded forecast predicts sales may drop about two percent from last year.

Mobile phone sales expected to decline [Taipei Times]