Do you ooVoo?

oovoo.jpgThere are plenty of ways to video conference on the Internets, but the new service ooVoo lets you do just a little bit more than the other options. You can have one-on-one chats or talk with up to six people at once, with everyone on screen simultaneously. Like IM, you can send text messages and files. If you try to call someone and there’s no answer, you can leave a text, voice or video message for them that’s receivable on any computer. You can even check your call history and select a personal ringer for you account.

One of its better features is the ability to record and send video messages to anyone whether they’re ooVoo users or not as well as sending messages to multiple people at the same time. Also, you can drop your ooVoo link in your e-mail signature or on a blog, MySpace page, Web site, etc. etc., so people can instantly click through to ooVoo you.

The software and service is free, but it’s currently Windows only. A Mac version will be ready soon, though.