Is Apple Telling You to Vote Democrat in iPhone Demos!?


While it’s no secret that Steve Jobs is a lefty, lost in today’s WWDC hubbub of what did and didn’t happen is the idea that Apple might be planting viral lefty political messages on its Website. Case in point is the “Internet Device” demonstration for the iPhone.

Displaying the news-reading (and Website-viewing) capabilities of the iPhone, the “New York Times” is selected, and the virtual multitouch digit scans around an article about last year’s elections, whereby the Democrats regained Congress from the Republicans.

We’re not here to make a judgment call on things like this, that’s the job of our readers. Oh, wait, no, it is our job. Apple’s totally shilling for the Dems. What do you think?

See the demo for yourself [Apple, via brietbart/Drudge]