Resistance Not So Futile To the Church of England

In the game Resistance: Fall of Man for the PlayStation 3 you get to battle an insidious alien threat that has invaded the British Isles in an alternate 1950s timeline. But now a greater threat has arrived, namely the Church of England, which says that Sony didn’t seek permission to use the Manchester Cathedral in the game. One of the PS3 launch titles in the U.K. this spring, the game has you play as a liberator of England, while much of the game takes place in a devastated version of Manchester.

The main complaint it seems is that a large gunfight occurs within the cathedral, but apparently it hasn’t been made clear that this is in fact a military-led liberation of England from the invaders, not a mere shootout between criminals or other such groups. But despite the context the Church has branded the game irresponsible for using the cathedral in a city that is currently plagued with gun crimes, and is demanding an apology and that a large donation to be used in its work with young people.

Church wants cash for ‘sick’ game [CNN]