Five Ways The iPhone Will Change The Wireless Industry

Om Malik has been eyeing Steve Jobs’ recent keynote at WWDC ’07 and has put together a list of ways the iPhone will change the wireless industry. Om brings up some important points that we normally wouldn’t think of while caught up in the hoopla of the iPhone. He mentions that since the iPhone is essentially an iPod as well, there’s no need to shell out money to third-parties for extras like ringtones and wallpaper. Want a new ringtone? Download a full track off iTMS or use your own music.

Also mentioned is how the iPhone’s simplistic OS will bring some balance and simplification to an otherwise crowded, bloated market. No one wants a phone stuffed with crap that’s hard to use, that’s a given. The list is a goodie and I highly recommend clicking the link you see below to get Om’s predictions. I’m pretty sure that at least 4 out of the 5 of them will come true.

5 ways iPhone will change the wireless biz [GigaOM]