OurHealthCircle: Because Misery Loves Company

ourhealthcirclelogo.pngLast November we reported on the launch of DailyStrength, a social network and support group for what ails you. Now another site, OurHealthCircle, with an upbeat name for a downtrodden audience is launching to make talking about tough issues a little easier.

The site is pretty much the same as DailyStrength with a different back story. Users create anonymous or personalized profiles, join over 750 groups around health problems, and start talking. The inspiration for the site came to three UC Berkeley students from the Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology and is backed by Arbor Labs.

The site is currently only open as a preview, with invitations being handed out on a case by case basis. The beta version will be launched the week Michael Moore’s new movie Sicko is released, presumably to ride the wave of attention the movie will bring on the health care system.

The site is part of trend of special needs niche sites, like Prescription4Love.