Toshiba DVRs Now Have Built-in HD DVD Burners In Japan


Our Japanese reader will be excited to hear that Toshiba’s updating its DVRs over there to include built-in HD DVD burners. The DVRs, which come in 300GB (RD-A300) and 600GB (RD-A600) capacities, have two tuners. As anyone around during last year’s dual tuner TiVo madness knows, having two tuners lets you record two programs at the same time.

Additionally, the DVRs are compatible with TrueHD and DTS-HD, the newish Dolby audio formats that have audiophiles and wannabes (me, for example) giddy.

The DVRs support resolutions all the way up to 1080p and you’ll be able to store some 78 hours of high-definition programming on the 600GB model. Why you’d need both a hard disk and optical disc is something I don’t quite understand, though.

Press Release [Toshiba via Akihabara]