Viral Marketing How-To-Not: Sony

SCENE: Two Sony marketing folks in a conference room. One is languidly stroking a PS3.

“Hey, Frank. We need to make some viral video. You know, to support Blu-Ray.”
“I hear the director for our new commercials got really drunk and kept the cameras rolling. Most of the footage is garbage.”
“That sounds great. Kids love crappy video.”
“Ok, but the lawyers will only let us show two seconds worth.”
“Oh, that’s even better. These jerks love quick videos.”
“Ok. Let’s start a blog and blog about it.”
“Ok. We’ll start it in five years, after the technology is all but forgotten.”
“Excellent. Shall we go get steaks and whiskey?”
“Yes. We should. Another marketing job complete!”

More teaser footage from the upcoming Sony Blu-ray Disc advert [Sony Europe]