Awesome Make/Hack: Wiimote PowerGlove

We like the Wii here at CrunchGear. It’s Nintendo doing right what it did wrong with the ill-fated PowerGlove and the U-Force: making motion control real. That being said, anyone who’s seen The Wizard knows that at one time the PowerGlove was the coolest thing we’d ever seen. It was the Holy Grail of video gaming, as it had the ability to make us look like not-too-dorky cyborgs. Cool as Hell.

Then you got one, and realized it didn’t work. At least not as it should have. Poor tracking, limited cable length, and sucky games made the controller into nothing more than a gimmick. But man, it’s still a collectable, cool-looking gimmick. So who wouldn’t wanna go retro and make it do what it always should have done?

A clever Japanese Maker has done just that. Gutting the standard control pad of the glove and replacing it with a Wiimote, the smart guy attached actuators to the fingers of the glove that are wired to the buttons on the controller, giving him all the same inputs he’d have on normally.

Now he’s got the first PowerGlove with power, and for that we give him props.

Wii PowerGlove [Max Console, via TechNaBob]