Blizzard Employee Lets Kid Design Game

Next time you load up World of Warcraft, you may have a newfound understanding for all those players running around trying to get gear. Blizzard employee Rob Pardo watches his 7-year-old daughter play on her 54 Warlock and gets a better perspective of the game. Says Pardo:

Playing games with my daughter is great because it really allows me to see what is fundamentally fun about game mechanics. For example, when she was only 5 years old, she would just jump off buildings over and over and collect lots of different outfits for her character.

I generally have more of an ‘achiever’ mentality when I play games, and playing with my daughter really helps give me a more rounded perspective towards games.

So you see, even though Rob is more of the grinding type of player, he now can appreciate the way other people play, daughter included. Isn’t WoW rated “Teen” though? I would think it’d be a tad too violent for a 7-year-old.

Children Make The Best Game Design Teachers [Kotaku]