Google Bows To Privacy Concerns, Shortens Length Of Time It Keeps Search History


Google bowed to privacy “activists” today by announcing that it will decrease the amount of time that it keeps track of Web searches. It used to keep a log for two years, but now that’s been shortened to 18 months. The move is in response to European Union-lead concerns that the it was unnecessarily hoarding customer information. Apparently, people don’t like the idea of their oh-so-tasteful searches being stored on Google’s servers until the Rapture.

Google says that it saves your search history in order to improve its services. So privacy freaks can tack another “W” in their war on, what, anti-privacy? Go ahead, Google, store my incredibly sensitive data on your servers forever. You’ll find I’m a very, very boring person. Thank you.

Google to Reduce History of Personal Searches [New York Times]