PatentMonkey: USB Integrated Antenna on Cell Phone


Smart, simple and marketable. Samsung’s male adapter USB antenna for a cell phone is all of these things, yet, it is a feature not easily found. No losing a cord to charge my cell phone on the road, just a friendly USB connection to suck power from anything else in my bag with a port, and, well, power. This kind of universal access would be a major convenience.

More description and why this likely won’t happen…

From the patent:

the wireless communication device of the present invention comprises a body 31 having an input/output port 32 for data communication integrated with an antenna. The wireless communication device as shown in the drawing is a cellular phone and the input/output port 32 is a USB port that projects out of the body 31 of the wireless communication device. In an alternative embodiment, the input/output port 32 may be an IEEE 1394 port.

So there is a cool USB antenna sold on the gadgetshop that allows PCs to receive TV signals. Maybe a USB cell antenna wouldn’t destroy reception, which would be my main concern.

OK, here’s the main reason this will likely not be on the next cell phone we buy. Cell phone accessories are very big business. Specifically, accessories = profits if interface = proprietary. USB isn’t proprietary, hence, doesn’t make most companies that sweet after-market profit stream based purely on a forgettable $20 cable left at home where it does no good.

Wishing: consumer convenience in design > need for proprietary profits.