Hot Gear To Do Your Summer Right


Wired magazine knows “hot” when it sees it, so it put together a small guide detailing some of the “hottest” gear you need to own to make this summer extra hot. It’s really hot. Honestly, though, most of the stuff on the guide would looks quite sensible. Broken up into three categories—Relax, Explore and Compete—the gadgets span everything from lightweight, flash-based portable media players to digital cameras to photochromic sunglasses (the kind that change darkness depending on the amount of sunlight).

Without question, for me the number one item here is the wood-fired barbecue. Nothing says “summer” quite like firing up the grill, throwing on a few burgers, then listening to sexually ambivalent electro-house music. Choo, choo!

Summer Test: Hot Gear for Relaxing, Exploring and Competing [Wired]