iRiver M10 GPS Receiver and D5 Electronic Dictionary: Guess Which One Wouldn't Sell Here?


iRiver has recently been branching out from the DAP and PMP business and into other, far stranger territory. Two new devices, the M10 GPS navigator and the D5 electronic dictionary, are scheduled to make their debut at a Korean trade show later this month. We can tell from the leaked pictures that the M10 will have built-in DMB (and what gadget doesn’t in Korea?) and multimedia capabilities—again, like damn near all GPS devices these days. The interface is reminiscent of the PSP and PS3’s cross media bar—XMB to you and me.



As for the D5, the pics here say even less. Like, pretty-close-to-nothing less. Its design sorta reminds me of the Game Boy Advance SP, a system I’ve poured more than a few hours into. The M10 could play well in Peoria, but the D5… Well, when was the last time you saw someone with an electronic dictionary, besides kids trying to cheat in Spanish class?

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