Leopard First Impressions Published, Quashed

The lucky devils who got a dev version of OS X Leopard posted some tidbits and were quickly DESTROYED by legions of Apple lawyers. They are now circling the planet in a Kryptonian Phantom Zone but their words remain:

• Mail is really great, seems super fast
• Spotlight much more responsive, no pauses as you type
• Safari seems faster and now has that styled text editor as in FireFox (used in blogger for example)
• New Finder, not as new as I had expected, seems solid and sensible.
• Coverflow everywhere, yeah, whatever..
• Quickview is useful I think, certainly seems fast.
• Time Machine looks like it works really, really well.

They also ran a benchmark on the software and found no significant improvements in speed or performance in the new OS over Tiger. Oh well. Again, this is very early warez – kind of like Safari — so we can’t expect miracles. After all, Apple has been focusing on iPhone, right?

First Hand Reports on WWDC’s Leopard 9A466 [MacRumors]