Michiganders Opposes Mobile Fees

michigan.jpgResidents of the big mittens aren’t too happy with new state, county and even local fees that are being imposed on their mobile services. A new poll released today by MyWireless.org reveals that 78 percent of voters in the Wolverine State feel that they’re already paying enough for their mobile services, and don’t believe that they should pay more.

The poll was commissioned in response to several bills, which have passed the Michigan Senate, and amend the State’s Emergency Telephone Service Enabling Act to allow counties in the state to impose an additional monthly county Emergency 9-1-1 fee on top of the already existing monthly state 9-1-1 fees. 76 of those polled opposed allowing their county to add its own e-911 fee onto the their wireless phone bill.

“Nearly seven million Michigan wireless consumers already pay their fair share in monthly federal, state and local wireless taxes, fees and surcharges,” said Brian Johnston, Director of Communications for MyWireless.org. “As is, Michigan’s wireless taxes and fees are on average 10 percent per monthly bill, which is a hefty burden for Michigan’s working families, small businesses, seniors and others on fixed incomes. Communications services should be affordable and accessible for all Michiganders.”

Didn’t Public Enemy have something to say about 911 service back in the 1980s?