Pater Obsoletis: VOTE TIME

We didn’t get very many entries, but the entries we did get were great. Hit the jump for the videos and to vote for the best and technologically dullest Pater in existence. We’ll close voting on Friday at 12pm EST so the winner can tell Pops the good news.


An on-camera interview with a real Pater Obsoletis, Johnal’s Dad. There is red tape on his VCR because its broken. He NEEDS a TV.


Nigel tells a sad story about an 8-track, a dad, and a lonely garage.


Jeremy’s dad is pitiful. He doesn’t even have a remote control for his TV. Watch all the way through to see who gets all the cash in the family.


Finally, we have TeeHud, a poor former student who you may or not recognize. His dad is so old and outdated that his Social Security Number is 1.


Chris couldn’t get YouTube to work, but here’s his Dad-rant.

Please vote only once. Any robot shenanigans will be frowned upon.