Boston Wants To Stop Crime With TXTs

Wacky Boston has an idea for stopping crime and guess what!? You’re a part of it! The next time you get mugged or see someone racketeering, you can be a NARC and text the Crimestoppers tipline the city has recently just set up. This new tipline will allow residents to send Boston police an anonymous (yeah, right) text message when a crime is being committed.

While this seems like a great idea, it also could infringe upon people’s rights. For instance, what if a couple of 18-year-olds are drinking beer on a porch and some old broad has the audacity to get angry and sends a text to Crimestoppers? Oh wait, old people can’t text. So the next time you get kicked out of that frat party for nearly starting a fight, remember to narc the party out for underage drinking with Crimestoppers.

Boston launches anonymous SMS “Crime Stoppers” hotline [Textually]