Facebook: How Complicated Has This Site Become?


What the hell has happened to Facebook? I logged in for the first time in a long time yesterday to respond to a message from this idiot and I’m greeted by all sorts of strange and unwanted distractions. There’s little colored icons everywhere… I’m getting “super poked” (what?) by people I’ve never heard of… the NYPD wants to hire me…

How is this site so popular?


Aside from conspiratorial stories like this one, the only press I’ve read about Facebook is good press. Surely I can’t be the only one who remembers the Spartan-like Facebook of days past, with its clean interface and simple presentation. Now it’s all Las Vegas-like: flashy doodads left and right and men slapping escorts’ “business cards” in your face. Charming, sure, but highly intrusive nonetheless.

I fully understand that these social networking Web sites are all the rage with the kids right now, but consider me the old man in the room who has no idea what’s going and wished things were like they used to be: stale and predictable.