Garmin Launches Two New GPS Units

Today, Garmin announced it would be releasing two new models in its nuvi line of GPS units. The 200W and 250W each come with a high-sensitivity antenna to cut back on size so the case isn’t huge. You’ll find a very welcome 4.3-inch touch-screen on each unit, great for browsing through maps to find the closest McDonalds on the road. Garmin is including over six million points of interest for you to discover on your trip, making sure you’ll never be bored on the road again.

Companies will be able to add details to the map, sort of like Google Maps allows developers to mess around via its API. The 200W is available for $500 and includes maps of the US, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Pick up the 250W for $550 if you need maps of Alaska and Canada as well.

Garmin launches nuvi 200W widescreen GPS [Electronista]