Kohjinsha (Who?) K600 UMPC: Yeah, UMPCs are Still Awkward


A lot of us here are sorta nonplussed by UMPCs for one reason or another and Kohjinsha’s K600 isn’t likely to change our minds. Not just because we’ve never even heard of this company before, but because it doesn’t really seem to do anything particularly special or exciting. You’ll find—provided you’re in Korea—a 7-inch touchscreen display, DMB TV support and a Korean/English dictionary. Perhaps Jin from “Lost” could have used that, but not us so much.

I suppose it’s price, $870, isn’t so high when you consider that it’s a fully functional computer that you can easily walk around with. But yeah, UMPCs are still a little rough around the edges for our tastes.

Kohjinsha to present its 7-inch 2nd generation mini notebook pc ‘K600’ series