Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watches, Round Two


I feel bad writing about these Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watches before my favorite watch review Web site does, but so be it. The big SE has three new models to choose from, Music, Executive and Classic, and they’re all part of the MBW-150 model line. As you might surmise, these watches are compatible with SE Bluetooth cellphones. When paired together, the watch will display the number of an incoming call on its face. From there, you can choose to ignore the call, send it straight to voicemail or answer it.



There's not too much more to it than that, but if you've ever spent any time walking around a big city, you know how difficult it is to either hear your cellphone ring or feel it vibrating. So in addition to looking fairly sharp, if not a little bulky, there's actually some utility behind it.

The watches are scheduled to make a summertime debut here in North America.

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