Universal Remote's MX-810 Pro Wizard Remote: Not For Pater Obsoletis


I remember talking to the Universal Remote folks back at CES and thinking to myself, “Yup, these guys sure do make a lot of remotes all right.” The latest remote, the MX-810 Pro Wizard Remote, can control up to 24 different devices (and 24 different functions per device), all of which are stored in 32GB 32MB of memory. There’s an LCD up top that’s completely customizable insofar as you’re able to store favorite channels and the like on it for for quick access. The MX-810 is both RF- and IR-compatible.

If you can get past the $400 price tag, and you probably can if you’re a fan of these types of remote controls, then it looks like it might be worth your time. I wonder if it’s comfortable to hold, though.

Exclusive: First Look at Universal Remote Control’s MX-810 [Electronic House]

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