U.S. Preps for Potential Cyber War Against China: Battle Stations, People!


The United States of America. I love this country. Blindly. So when I read that China has taken steps to launch a “cyber war” against us, it greatly upsets me. A senior general in the U.S. military, the best military in history, recently said that while numerous countries try to hack the military’s network infrastructure, China goes above and beyond the established decorum. So the U.S. is setting up sort of “cyber command,” a place where officials can monitor the country’s vital electronic communication infrastructure. The Pentagon is worried that Beijing will use the Internet to launch an electronic war against us, like Estonia accused Russia of doing a few weeks ago.

The moral of the story is that Pentagon doesn’t trust China to play nice over the Internet and is doing its best to prevent it from gaining any sort of technological upper hand.

America prepares for ‘cyber war’ with China [Telegraph via Drudge]