iPhone Launch Details Emerge


Well, well, well. We now know why Apple and AT&T are launching the iPhone at 6 p.m, but frankly, it pisses me off. All AT&T stores will shut their doors at 4:30PM to take shipment of iPhones. Apple is really keeping the wraps on these bad boys until the very last second. This is going to cause so much chaos. Wouldn’t you agree?

A few other tidbits about launch day tell us that stores will be open till midnight, perhaps. Although, that makes little sense since each store is supposedly only getting three units. Do you see the pandemonium that will ensue once the doors are opened at 6 p.m.? And what about the Apple stores? I think I’ll grab a video cam and camp out at the Union Square AT&T store just to capture the craziness.

Apple iPhone launch deets [BGR]