Leopard WWDC Beta Leaked Then Quickly Un-Leaked: Apple Playing Hardball?


Apple appears to have used its goons to prevent the unauthorized leak of the newest Mac OS X Leopard beta, build 9A466. Jerks. Someone posted the beta onto the Oink BitTorrent site on Thursday and within six hours “ninjas got to [him].” Users on various Internet sites have taken that to mean that Apple’s lawyers had contacted the leaker, forcing him to kill the torrent. That we don’t know for sure, though.

It’s not surprising, really, seeing as though Apple sued Tiger leakers during that operating system’s beta period. What all this means is that if you’re waiting for the beta to leak (which is illegal, by the way), you’re going to be waiting a little while longer than you might be used to. One site, MacMate.org, seems to know something that the rest of don’t, however…

Source: Usenet, shady forums, etc.