An Open Letter to Microsoft Re: Zune

Dear Microsoft,

Blake Robinson here. I’ve been a Zune user from the beginning despite resounding clamor railing against my support. It’s a decent device that gets the job done as well as anything else out there. So what if you put too much stock into the wireless sharing function. It might be useless and I’ve still yet to “squirt” a single track at anyone, but I did finally see a Zune in the wild (owned by a cute girl who I would have gladly squirted). Nevertheless, I still dig the interface and despite the fact that it weighs as much a cinder block, I still carry it around like a jackass. I can live with that.

zune1.jpgMy problem with you stems from your ridiculous and asinine decision to not support OS X. Since moving to New York, I’ve only been in possession of my MacBook Pro and I’ve grown exceedingly frustrated with my inability to upload new music to my device. Sure I love Arcade Fire and all the other stuff I have on there, but I can really only listen to the same stuff so many times before I want to split your head open with a brick (fortunately I have a Zune on hand that should do the job).

Even Apple in all its insular anti-wisdom supports your OS with its dominant iPod. I know you want to win and that in your mind, supporting Apple with Zune is probably something akin to feeding the enemy, but did it ever occur to you that perhaps, just maybe, part of the iPod’s success stems from the fact that ANYONE CAN USE IT?!

Stop alienating potential customers and make your crap work on OS X so I don’t have to listen to Brand New one more time. Clearly it’s turning me emo. That is all. – brob