"Blackberry Pearl 2: The Revenge" Specs

bluepearl.jpgYou Blackberry Pearl fans are going to get jealous, as we’ve been hearing all morning that its successor, the Blackberry Pearl 2: Electric Boogaloo is nearing production readiness. Don’t get too panicky, though, as the Pearl 2 isn’t that much of an upgrade, and even looks the same.

The new Blackberry, known internally with the kodename Komet, takes the exact same form factor and adds modern fun like stereo Bluetooth and a fancy 3.2-Megapixel camera. According to BGR, the camera is side-aligned, like high-end Sony-Ericsson cameraphones. This means it’s likely packing that auto-focus feature, meaning the spy shots of hawt gear you send in to us might look decent. Nice.

Also added is an external MicroSD slot, support for DRMed Winodws Media files (uh, yay?), and streaming media support. Oh yah, the tiny phone has WiFi, so you can actually use those multimedia features. We’re not sure yet if it’s using 3G, but even if it doesn’t, the iPhone-like idea of replacing it with free WiFi is interesting. Expect pricing to be at about $250 at launch, dropping to $199 with contract after a couple months, with prices falling until it bottoms out at $50 when every airhead mall chick has one in one of the various colors it will be produced in.

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