CodexNovus HDcodex Hi-Def Servers: 1TB to Store All the Hi-Def in the World


Downloading 1080p rips of movies and TV shows really eats up hard drive space, as does Armand van Helden set after Armnad van Helden set. Only being able to access that data on an internal hard drive is no fun, either. So what you need, really, is a server like CodexNovus HDcodex DML-400 and DML-1000. Or the Drobo. But we’re talking about the HDcodex now, so calm down. Dreadful name aside, the HDcodex comes with either 400GB or 1TB of storage space. Four hundred will quickly deplete if you’re serious about HD, but 1TB should do the job for a while. The stand-alone server is powerful enough to playback said 1080p rips, too, so it’s not just a huge, inaccessible closet where you keep all your old clothes. Nope, that last sentence didn’t make any sense at all. No sir.

On the audio front, the server delivers up to 7.1 channels of sound. Man, I remember when a 5.1 setup made you, like, the Audio Dude on your block.

It’s a shame the 1TB model will cost something like $5,000 when it comes out Q3. Or, for $1,500 less, you can grab the 400GB one. Buying cool stuff requires you to have a real job. Guess that rules me out. Again.

CodexNovus Media Servers Will Offer 1080p Video and Plenty of Storage [Electronic House]