iRiver NV Portable GPS Navigator: Pretty on the Outside, Smart on the Inside


The iRiver M10 that we spotted last week has bee made official and is now known as the iRiver NV. It’s a GPS receiver with a very LG Prada look about it (and a very LG enV name about it…). The 7-inch widescreen display trumps other GPS devices on the market. Built-in DMB support and out-of-the-box compatibility with popular video formats like Divx, Xvid and H.264 further help distinguish it from the rest of the crowd crowd. There’s also not one, but two SD Card slots. Clearly iRiver has gone craaazy.

Now the bad news: the NV may well be an exclusive to Asia, which is incredibly lame news to start the week with. It’s pretty obvious that its looks will be the device’s main attraction, but its innards shouldn’t be ignored. After all, as long as its beautiful on the inside… hah, right.

Product Info [iRiver via]