LG Sues Hitachi

I really wanted to use the title “Big Trouble In Little China” but this showdown is taking place in both South Korea and the US. LG has filed suit in Texas against television-manufacturer Hitachi, claiming that the company is violating patents LG holds. LG is seeking the big bucks and an injunction to halt the sale and production of any television sets that violate patents. The dispute is over patents relating to plasma display panel development, which I’m assuming has to do with the displays of several TVs.

LG released a statement, saying:

“Japanese firms are filing more and more lawsuits as competition in the global display market has increased dramatically. We will proactively deal with the situation based on our patented and patent-applied-for technologies,”

Though Hitachi used to be one of the popular big dogs for big screen TVs, LG is now one of the biggest players in the market and sure as hell doesn’t want another company banking off its technology. The amount of compensation LG is seeking was not disclosed.

LG sues Hitatchi over plasma patent [Reuters]