Pirated 'Sicko' Winds Up On YouTube

Last week, Michael Moore’s “Sicko” was pirated and leaked to the web. The leak is an excellent DVD screener that can now be found on almost every major torrent site. By this morning, a copy had been uploaded to YouTube, posted in several segments to circumvent YouTube’s uploading limitations. What’s nuts is that after major media outlets reporting the upload, YouTube failed to take down the videos until recently.

With plenty of people viewing the segments, the big question is if this piracy will affect box office results. The Weinstein Company, who is distributing the film through LionsGate, says that it has hired several anti-piracy groups to protect the film from being leaked any further. Too bad that once a leaked movie hits Bit Torrent, in an hour hundreds of people have it downloaded. It’ll be interesting to see how the movie fares come June 29th when it’s released.

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