Analyst Says iPhone May Have Learning Curve

10 days is all you have left until you can pick up a sweet, juicy iPhone from your local AT&T shop. But before picking it up, you may want to hear American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu’s take on the most popular phone ever. Wu says that while the iPhone is a hot ticket and people are sure to buy it, it does have flaws that need to be addressed. The biggest concern is that people will require some time to learn typing with the on-screen keyboard.

Wu isn’t too concerned though. He says people will be able to pick an iPhone up and get used to it rather quickly. Also mentioned in his report is the lack of a changeable battery and push e-mail. While the e-mail experience was pleasing, it’s apparently no Blackberry. Despite all these issues though, the iPhone should still sell like hotcakes drenched in 14K golden butter. Mmmmmmm.

Analyst: iPhone testers showing ‘concern’ over keyboard [iLounge]