R.I.P. Google Video

Oh, Google Video. How I loved you so. Your hour long clips of Penn & Teller doing magic tricks, your full versions of pirated movies, leaked to your service. You had so many good things going for you. Then Google bought YouTube and you started getting ignored. Don’t worry, I still used you. I like videos longer than 10 minutes! But I guess that wasn’t enough.

Now Google has done away with you for good. Your page has become but a mere search engine for browsing online video. Most of the search results end up taking you to crappy YouTube links and it just doesn’t feel the same. No worries though, Google Video, as your spirit will always live on inside my cache. I’m just too damn lazy to clear it out. Maybe when I die and go to CrunchHeaven™, I’ll see you there along with Bo Jackson. It’ll be sweet.

Love, VV

No More Google Video! Long Live Google Video [Softpedia]