All The Super Mario 64 Death You Can Handle

Die pasta boy

The original Mario games were fun, but when Mario died, it was a static event. He always just jumped up in the air with a forlorn face and was whisked away off screen. When Super Mario 64 came out for Nintendo 64 however, we were able to witness the death of a plumber over and over again in multiple forms of torture. Whether it was fireballs, drowning, or falling off a cliff, nothing made me smile more than seeing that pain in my ass, who couldn’t be bothered to collect all the red coins in most levels, die.

So I present to you the above video. It’s a fantastic eight-minute video of Mario getting killed repeatedly in different forms. It’s kind of like eating some really good cheesecake then finding a $20 bill in your coat pocket, except better.

8.5 Minutes Of Pure Mario DEATH [Kotaku]