Offers Free Device-Optimized Mobile Video Downloads hopes to use their “Cascade” technology to let users “sideload” optimized video clips from the Internet to a mobile device, thus bypassing mobile carriers. We like the sound of this, and could be one to watch. The site deploys their proprietary (but still patent-pending) tech to deliver the video to more than 150 specific mobile video players, including mobile phones, as well as PDAs and portable media devices such as the Zune and iPod. This content is thus delivered as device-optimized files without requiring and intermediation from the mobile network. Better still you won’t need to convert the files or install any additional software.

“ offers something absolutely new to the rapidly growing number of mobile video consumers who are using more than 1 billion devices worldwide,” said Philip John, CEO of Clippz Ltd. “Sideloading device-optimized video content to a mobile device without having to go through a mobile carrier has never before been available on this scale.

According to the company, their technology is based on an intelligent mobile video encoder that can convert a single input video into multiple outputs based on a predefined set of more than 30 different device profiles. Thus content can come from various sources, including YouTube, MySpace and Metacafe and downloaded from to a computer, then “sideloaded” onto a mobile device in the appropriate optimized format. This sideloading can be done via Bluetooh, USB cable connection or from a memory card.