JAJAH Introduces Free Global Calling That Isn’t Skype

jajah.jpgCould a Skype killer be on the horizon? Possibly, according to the developers at JAJAH. The company has announced its No Headset campaign, and Web site, with the slogan “You Liked Skype, You’ll Love JAJAH.” This campaign is being launched to increase public awareness for the JAJAH service, and users are being rewarded with official clothing if they “creatively dispose of their existing computer headset.” Examples can be viewed on a special Web site that has been launched that provides program details, and includes videos of such “creativity.”

“JAJAH is revolutionary because it lets you make free and low-cost global calls using your everyday mobile or landline phone,” said Roman Sharf, JAJAH co-founder. “Services like Skype require headsets, software downloads and sometimes other technical equipment, making them way too hard for the everyday consumer to use.”

As a side note: In fairness there are plenty of options for using Skype without a headset, including a new dual-use Philips VoIP phone that can be used as a traditional wireless phone, and as a Skype phone. More importantly as a Skype phone the Philips VOIP8411B/37 can even be used without a computer. It only requires a broadband connection and will work with dynamic and static IP address. I’ve been using it for the past week, and it is an excellent landline and Skype phone.

What JAJAH is doing is also very interesting. From the Web site, JAJAH lets callers enter their cell or landline phone number, along with the number they wish to call and JAJAH connects both parties. These calls are then free between JAJAH users for up to 30 minutes a day, and this includes calls to across town or across the planet.

No Headset