Pimp My Guitar Case

Nutty British guitar case
A couple of years ago, Nick Comer-Calder designed an insane electric guitar case using leather, carbon fiber (err… that’s fibre across the pond), and silk, not to mention a high-tech suspension system. Well it’s no longer just a concept–you can now actually buy them… for a mere £3000 plus VAT.

He also makes a mean case for classical guitars (£3100), violins (£2800), and laptops (£2120). Yeah, you’re reading those prices correctly–double them for US dollars. I can see protecting an extremely rare and very expensive instrument in one of these bad boys, but a laptop? (Yeah, man, I’ve got this vintage Apple PowerBook Duo in pristine condition and with a really low serial number… worth millions.)

Many of the best musical instrument cases come from the UK (I’m partial to Wiseman horn cases), but sometimes they’re worth the outrageous expense. This one’s debatable.

Product page [Calder Originals via Music Thing]