Time again for your daily injection of reader antics. It won’t hurt. We promise. Ok it will. And the infamous CrunchDunce returns once more however, todays events really made us think of renaming CrunchDunce to something a little more Crunchy and offensive.

Ian‘s critique of another reader regarding the iPhone hullabaloo got him the first spot.

I beg to differ. Business phones are not a “miniscule [sic] fraction of the mobile phone market.” If they are, then what accounts for the huge success of things like Blackberries and Palm Pilots? These devices were geared towards business users, and look at the success that the Blackberry has obtained. It’s a ubiquitous part of business culture.

myogui earned the second spot after helping his fellow readers understand Johns French Blackberry post. Rest assured people, John is in no way associated with the French and enjoys his Freedom Fries just as much as you.

“mur” in this case doesn’t reference a wall but the name for the fruit that blackberry in french…

where’s the whole translated:

The french gouverment officially banned blackberrys made by RIM and wont allow them to acces emails on federal accounts. “Le Monde” (probably a newspaper) reports that the France security services beleive that Blackberrys could be compromised by “outsiders” (I guess, not sure what they mean by “porcs étrangers”).

“They (RIM) tried to offer us something else to replace our Blackberrys but that didn’t (or doesn’t) work”, told a anonymous municipal officer.

Moreover, the french instute of language needed the citizens to call Blackberry’s “mur” (the fruit itself in french).

Last place for today goes to yoshi who made a good point in regard to the “latest and greatest”.

I’m sorry but waiting for the next few months for the “latest and greatest” is a losing battle. Tech is always changing. Define you requirements, set a budget, and buy whatever is on the market at that time that meets those requirements.

Finally, the part you have all been waiting for: CrunchDunce. Now, there are many ways to win this award. You can use insanely poor grammar, swear profusely, or make ridiculous assumptions and accusations.

It seems that every time some sort of Apple related announcement or leak is written about, it attracts an impressive amount of comments which are downright stupid.

With that in mind, pretty much everyone in Nicks post about the Leopard leak deserves the award. Way to go.