Thanko MP4-Playing Watch: Does a Lot, But Looks Awful


Thanko has produced what could be the ugliest watch I’ve ever seen, but I’ll defer to the experts on that point. All that we here at CG care about is that the watch, the MP4 Watch, comes in both 2GB and 4GB flavors and plays back most popular digital media file formats like MP3, JPG and, presumably, MP4 video. The watch also records audio. It actually does quite a bit and, putting my irrational hatred of watches that do anything else but tell time aside, looks like it could be a neat little toy to mess around with. Though it doesn’t seem to be compatible with Mac OS X. Now that’s dumb, especially considering all it uses is a USB 1.1 connection to transfer data.

So if you can tolerate having a small brick on your wrist and looking quite silly holding your arm up to your face in order to watch “Simpsons” on the subway, be prepared to drop some $208 on the watch.

Product Page [Thanko via]