DLO's TuneStik Packs Double Punch


How does it work that DLO has come up with yet another nifty iPod add-on that we like? It works like magic. The latest offering is the TuneStik. At first blush, it’s just another FM transmitter for the dock connector. But then you notice the little FM transmitter and realize it’s a combo remote control unit/FM transmitter. Cool. But then it gets even better.

DLO has included a dock pass-through, so you can still charge, sync, or whatever while the TuneStik is attached. This means you can use the wireless FM remote to control your trusty iPod with pretty much any other iPod gear you’ve got in a number of FM radio-friendly configurations. Nice.

The TuneStik doesn’t need batteries, it draws its power from the iPod’s, meaning only one thing to charge, which we like. Look for it to be made available at most retailers that sell iPod gear at about $60 soon, if not today.

TuneStick [Product Page]