LG KU580: Like the Chocolate, Only With Real Internet Capabilities


One of the many, many problems with the LG Chocolate is its crappy Internet capabilities. While not a Chocolate-proper cellphone, the LG KU580 borrows the iconic cellphone’s look and feel while adding competent Internet capabilities. It’s 3G, UMTS to be exact, so you’ll be able to surf the mobile Web with ease. You’ll also find several built-in Google apps like Gmail and Google Maps, the BlackBerry version of which I recently used to navigate the windy, go-nowhere roads of Upstate New York. LG doesn’t skimp on the extras either, so prepare yourself for a built-in FM radio, 2-megapixel camera and enough multimedia options to, uh, shake a stick at? Fill in your own cliché.

Right now, KU580 is only scheduled to launch in Europe, on Vodaphone. Seeing as though Vodaphone and Verizon Wireless are one in the same, my bet, if the phone ever does make it here, will be on VZW.

LG intros 3G, Chocolate-inspired KU580 [Electronista]