Trojan's New Gadgets For Your Gadget

I used to be a pharmacy tech in another life and while I remember the never-ending variety of condoms we sold, I don’t remember ever seeing products like these here Trojan Vibrating Rings sold at the counter. As far as I know, until maybe the past couple years, you had to go into an adult/novelty store (or on the Interwebs) to get your vibe on in any way, shape or form. Maybe I’m wrong and they’ve always been there, though.

“Sexual enhancement products that vibrate were prevalent before Trojan introduced their Vibrating Rings,” says Kevin Sherlock, associate product manager at Trojan. “44 percent of females have reported using a vibrating product to enhance their sexual experience.”

So at this point, why would Trojan bother to create these disposable vibrator/condom bundles? Sherlock says consumers told Trojan they were looking for “sexual enhancement products” from a company they trust and from retailers they know and trust.

Basically, buying a Vibrating Ring from Trojan is a safe, consumer-friendly way to introduce extra pleasure into your leisure-time activities in ways only achievable through battery-operated devices.

Hit the jump for more info and a pictorial overview of a couple of the devices. The pics are safe for work, but will likely draw some stares the next time you’re in the breakroom should someone catch you looking at them. Just sayin’.

These models are better designed than the first-generation version. (The new line was apparently developed in response to great uptake and consumer feedback on the first-gen design.) Each pack contains one latex condom and a Vibrating Ring ready to ring your and/or your significant other’s bell right out of the box.

They are currently available for around $9. However, they just started shipping and aren’t guaranteed to be in stock till August 1. Also, AL, CO, GA, KS, LA, MS, and VA are SOL because those states have laws against selling these types of products. Guess you’ll have to settle for your Oral-B.

Foil wrapped for freshness! Or more likely to keep it pliable, sterile, lint-free, etc., etc.
The material is nice and soft, kinda like a gummy worm without the sticky. Pictured is the On/Off switch. The batteries, which are not replaceable, will keep you, or at least the Ring, up and running for about 20 minutes according to the packaging.
This is the “Extra Intense” version of the Rings. It’s got a slightly larger vibrator than the standard version. It’s also found in the Magnum package.
This is the “Duo” model that as you can see has two separate motors to stimulate both partners simultaneously.