Hai readerz, 1nce agen it is tyme fer teh be$t commenturs.

Johnal ‘s thoughts on the format war put him in first. Good job man, did you get that TV yet?

As far as I can tell, the focus was never really on whether this would have a huge impact on revenue derived from HD DVD rentals. I don’t think anyone really felt like either of the format’s success was riding on how well they did in video rental stores. Rather, I think it was more about the idea of a large company like BBV choosing to side with Blu ray; it may influence a large number of consumers into feeling like Blu ray is the safer bet between the two formats. As I’m sure many of the people in the HD DVD bandwagon have been screaming, this isn’t going to kill off HD DVD and it’s not over yet, but, no matter how you look at it, the news of BBV’s decisions was great marketing for the Blu ray camp.

Brooke gave us some good feedback on the whole Manhunt 2 fiasco.

Booerns to MS, Sony, and Nintendo for not stepping up and allowing us ADULTS to play adult-rated games. I may not approve of some content, but that doesn’t mean a game manufacturer should get completely screwed for pushing the boundaries.

Hell, they released The Hills Have Eyes 1 & 2 remakes which are probably WAY more graphic than anything you’ll find in this game, yet the film was reasonably successful because people were given access to it.

I can’t fault ESRB for calling a spade a spade, but there’s a problem when the intended audience can’t even experience the medium.

And lastly, yet another comment on the iPhone shenanigans wins a spot in the top 3. This one’s by George.

We’ll see if all you speak of comes true, or Steve Jobs ends up hanging out with Milli, and Vanilli.

I will say though I pity the people who hastily change their carrier to AT&T as they are pretty lousy, IMHO.

Also there is not a phone out there that loads google map data as fast as they depict in the propaganda, not even a 3g phone! So it’ll be interesting how many real-world experiences match the slick marketing pitch.

Well done!