Epson Perfection V200 Photo Scanner: 3D Object Scannnig for $99


Stand-alone photo scanners like Epson’s just released Perfection V200 are great for folks who used film cameras during the stone age to take pictures. Whereas those of us who reached full statue during the digital camera boom have less use for them, others could do far worse than this Epson offering. Its 4800 dpi resolution should hold up just fine even when scanning images at the maximum 14×21-inch size, to say nothing of its ability to scan 3D objects. Yup, its lid lifts up a might 180 degrees in order to scan real life 3D objects. The prank possibilities are unlimited. Perhaps, then, kids should look at the V200 a little more closely.

That the scanner is only $99 not only means that a lowly blogger like me can afford it, but that you can buy two or even three and hand them out like smarties on Halloween.