Ikan Is Set To Revolutionize Your Grocery Shopping Experience

I believe that everyone can admit without a doubt that our lives have become so busy that simple tasks like grocery shopping have become tedious and a huge waste of time. I hate grocery shopping, but being a fat kid isn’t the most conducive mindset to have on this subject. I wouldn’t mind it as much if I didn’t have to wait in ridiculously long lines, either. It’s a two hour process for me and that’s a lot of time wasted when I could be doing other important things. The folks at Ikan have the same mindset and their revolutionary product is getting ready to change your grocery shopping experience. So they say.

Ikan is a countertop unit that allows you to keep track of groceries you’ll need on your next trip. You simply scan the products as you finish them and it’s automatically added to your online shopping cart. When you’re ready to order your groceries you’ll know exactly what you need. If you’re the forgetful type, like me, then the e-mail reminders will keep you abreast of your diminishing food supply. The voice recorder also lets you tack on products when there isn’t a barcode available for scanning. Feel like taking the trip to the grocery store instead, well then, the Ikan prints out your list for you, too. Not only does this make grocery shopping easier, but you’re also conserving energy and saving the planet because Ikan tells you whether the item is recyclable and which bin to put it in. Awesome, right? Maybe, probably not. You could just write a list or order from Fresh Direct if you’re in the NYC area. This can only make us fatter and even more lazy, right? If you feel inclined then check it out and apply for the Beta.

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