Nintendo Possibly Worth More Than Sony

Over the weekend, a lot of reports hit sites like Digg saying that Nintendo was now worth more than Sony in terms of market value. Looking at the numbers, it still seems Sony is ahead with 6.64 trillion yen versus Nintendo’s 6.3 trillion yen. With the extremely popular Wii and DS systems selling like hotcakes, it’s no wonder why Nintendo is doing so well. As fantastic as this is however, I still feel like someone isn’t telling me the whole picture here.

For instance, Sony doesn’t just make a bunch of gaming hardware like Nintendo does. Sony is a huge electronics manufacturer selling multi-thousand dollar items every day all over the world. You’re telling me that after all those SACD players, Walkmans, and HDTVs, Sony hasn’t done better than Nintendo? I realize we’re talking in terms of market value, but come on. Also, don’t go starting false stories when the facts are untrue. Look at those numbers. 6.64 > 6.3. ‘Nuff said.

Nintendo closing gap on Sony’s market value [Joystiq]