Volkswagen And Sirius Strike Deal

Looks like Sirius and Volkswagen have successfully completed a deal that will make Sirius Satellite Radio standard in select VWs from 2008 to 2012. The Touareg 2, New Beetle, New Beetle Convertible, GTI, and GLI models will all have Sirius included standard, though you’ll still have to shell out the monthly bucks for a subscription to the service. Thankfully, VW includes a 3-month complimentary subscription for no charge.

Volkswagen also got Sirius in on its Canadian operations by offering Sirius standard in Touareg 2 and Triple White Beatle models. Same deal for the most part. Looks like XM fans will have to find a new car company or a new stereo if they plan on getting a V-Dub.

Sirius goes standard on select Vee-Dubs [Orbitcast]